The magic of the forest experience at the Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge and on the river on “The Rimba King”

Travel far up the Sekonyer River and see first hand the devastating effects of Gold mining extraction on the environment and learn about the complexity of the situation. Follow this with a memorable Orangutans encounter at Camp Leakey or a visit to Pesalat Reforestation Project both revealing the fragility of our ecosystem.

Combine the comfort at Rimba with the unique excitement of sleeping on the Sekonyer river to experience the primates of Borneo. We can arrange your travel from Bali, Surabaya or Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun. Our guides are company certified.

Day 01 The Rimba orangutan Eco Lodge

At Pangkalan Bun airport, Borneo you will be met by your guide and taken to the port of Kumai, where you will board our new river boat (klotok) “The Rimba King” for the two hour run to the Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge. Flights normally arrive around midday or in the afternoon. On the way to the lodge, you may see wild orangutans on the river and also Proboscis Monkeys, Long Tailed Macaques or even a Langgur.You then will check into the Rimba Lodge for dinner and an early night. Sometimes you will hear the growls of the male Proboscis as a troop maybe roosting for the night in the trees above the lodge.

Day 02 Pesalat; Camp Leakey; sleeping on the boat at the river edge

After an early breakfast you will proceedon your boat to Pesalat, a reforestation site supported by FRIENDS OF THE NATIONAL PARKS  It has some great birding especially Flower peckers and Sun birds. Also at this unique location, you can plant your own tree and leave something behind showing your visit..After a good walk, you will return to the boat and proceed to famous Camp Leakey to view Orangutans in their natural habitat; other primates to be seen are Proboscis Monkeys, Gibbons and Long Tailed Macaques, Silverbacked Langurs and hopefully you will see many birds, crocodiles and monitors. Camp Leakey (named after the famous Oxford based scientist Louis Leakey), is one of the homes of Professor Birute Galdikas (an investor in Ecolodges Indonesia).  Camp Leakey is allegedly the longest biological, documented, scientific  experiment on the globe. Galdikas is one of Leakey’s golden angels, the others being Dianne Fossey (Gorilla scientist – deceased) and Jane Goodall (the Chimpanzee scientist). You will have lunch on the boat prior to going to the feeding station and then a magical dinner at the sleeping site on the river.

Day 03 Tanggui and Tandjung Harapan

After early morning boat breakfast you will visit a visit to Tanggui (another Orangutan release centre) in an area famous for butterflies. After the viewing from 0900, you will proceed on a hike around the area suitable for those interested in birds, butterflies and trees. This is an opportunity to study the area in a relaxed fashion. You will have lunch on the boat while slowly moving up river to the village of Tandjung Harapan for the third feeding station at 1500. At each of these stations there are large Alpha males and you are expected to see at least one of them. You then return to the lodge to check in again and a short rest prior to your last main program “dinner on the river with the fireflies”, a terrific experience.

Day 04 Pangkalan Bun and onwards

Depending on your flight out of Pankalan Bun, you either will have a leisurely breakfast prior to your boat to Kumai or an earlier start if leaving on a morning flight. Your boat and guide will take you bck to Kumai and the airport.

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