Pesalat and Camp Leakey Tour – 1 Day

A unique experience that will take you to two major areas of Borneo’s Tanjung Putin National Park. Pesalat Reforestation Project focuses on preserving and rehabilitating tropical endemic rainforest and wildlife habitat. Choose, name and plant your own tree.
World famous Camp Leakey is Dr. Birute Galdikasa first research and rehabilitation facility. Here will enjoy close encounters with endangered Orangutans and learn about the rehabilitation programs. You may see up to 9 primate species including Proboscis Monkey, Gibbons and Macaques as well as many butterflies and birds.

Camp Leaky Kalimantan Indonesia

First, wake up at dawn and follow the lodge bird boardwalk to the lookout through deep forest. Discover endemic birds and possibly wild orangutans. Enjoy Breakfast upon return to the lodge. Then, board our “klotok” riverboat and visit Pesalat Reforestation Center. This forest regeneration area offers a nice easy walk through peat swamp and dry land, nice birding, a medicinal plant area and it allows you to select saplings such as Ironwood and plant them. Clouded Leopard and Sun bears have occasionally been spotted. You can plant a tree for a minimal cost to leave something behind of your stay.
Jump on board your “klotok” and travel upstream towards Camp Leakey; look out for birds and primates. Enjoy lunch on your traditional riverboat before proceeding to Camp Leakey.  This landmark research station offers an informative information center with a strong educational purpose. Proceed to the feeding station and discover Orangutans’ behavior in the wild. Orangutans leading authority, Dr. Birute Galdikas and her husband Rod Brindamour established Camp Leakey in 1971 as a rehabilitation center. Please follow recommendations and do not touch or disturb orangutans(humans transmit diseases), do not eat or drink in front of them, keep the area pristine.
Return to the lodge late afternoon on the Sekonyer River, look for roosting Prosbocis monkeys, estuary crocodiles, storm storks, agile gibbons or even fireflies.
To complete the day, your Guide will show you an after dinner DVD about “KOSASI”, Camp Leakey famous Orangutan and his mentor, Dr. Birute Galdikas.

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